China glasses production base introduction series —— Wenzhou Ouhai Glasses Town

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The China eyewear Production Base introduces a tour series to show you where the Chinese are professional eyewear.

The first stop, Wenzhou Ouhai Glasses Town.

Wenzhou Ouhai Glasses Town, has the title of “China eyewear Production Base” and “National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrade Glasses Professional Demonstration Base”.

As the latest eyewear market in Wenzhou, it has gathered about 155 well-known eyewear companies to form an industrial system featuring foreign trade exports.

The whole town conveys humor and happiness with bright and bright colors. Pop style plays the fashion theme of the glasses town.

bringing people a fresh impression of the town. Distribution boxes, guides, rolling shutters...

The corners of the town are full of art and fashion, and the spectacles of the glasses make people in the world of glasses.

Address: Jiguang Road, Ouhai District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

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