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Optometry, optometry in the first place is not wrong, there is no accurate degree, it has an absolute impact on improving the customer's vision, and even if the degree is accurate, the user's own eye reasons may also lead to vision improvement, then in addition to these In addition to the obvious influencing factors, what are the important factors of the glasses? In fact, there are still many directly affected ones to discuss one by one.

The pros and cons of the lens is the most important factor in determining the quality of a pair of glasses. Good lenses not only bring a clear view, but also maximize the comfort of the consumer. I know that the netizens mentioned that when choosing lenses, most of them will consider the brand, material, price, etc. If the degree is high, the refractive index will be required, and the material of the lens will be more tough. In addition, some consumers pay more attention to the function of the lens and the coating film layer, and will select progressive multifocal and anti-fatigue lenses according to their own needs.

The wearing position of the frame affects the stability of the degree.
If the frame is not well adjusted, it will always slide down. So for the guests, the most accurate degree is not used (the eyes are not aligned with the target='_blank'>optical center). The long-term use will lead to an increase in the degree. Usually, people who wear glasses around will be looked at. , can wear less than half of the right fit.

In addition, the distance between the lens and the eye is too large or too small. As an example of a myopic patient, if the lens of myopia is too far from the eye (the basic standard value is 12 mm), then the object through the lens will be significantly reduced and farther away. Some wearers don't pay attention to this at all. Instead, they complain that the degree of fitting is not accurate. The result is that the frame is adjusted to the proper position, and the things are clear and not shrinking. These are the effects of physical phenomena. Hyperopia patients will also be affected, but contrary to myopia patients, the farther away from the eyes, the more obvious the magnification is, and it is easy to faint.

If the lens of the frame is not in the same position, the same degree will bring different feelings. The main reason is that the deformation is more obvious. People wearing glasses can try it, look at a target, raise or lower the mirror. The leg changes the plane angle of the lens, and the deformation changes.

The change in the degree of the curvature of the frame is mainly caused by the change brought by the prism, and the size of the pupil is not accurate. These are the optometry pairs, but the actual wearing will also interfere with the vision.

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