How to protect your eyes when working indoors for a long time?

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Work and rest

Operating the computer for a long time can cause soreness and pain in the fingers joints, wrists, arm muscles, shoulders, neck, back, etc. Therefore, the operator should rest for 10 minutes after working for 1 hour, or do work.

Pay attention to hygiene
The distance between the eyes and the manuscript, the eyes and the screen should be kept above 50 cm, preferably at a viewing angle of 20°.

Fine-tuning indoor air conditioner
Since computer equipment is often placed in an air-conditioned room, the temperature in the room is generally low, which increases the evaporation of tears. It is recommended that the air conditioning temperature should not be too low, the air outlet should not be toward the head, and a basin of water should be placed in the room to adjust the humidity to reduce the chance of dry eyes.

Avoid reflection
In order to prevent the screen from being reflective or unclear, the computer should not be placed on the opposite side or the back of the window; the ambient lighting should be soft. If there is a window behind the operator, the curtain should be pulled up to prevent the light from directly shining on the screen and reflecting the bright image, causing the eye. Fatigue.

Frequent ventilation
The computer room should be ventilated frequently. Install a ventilation fan or air conditioner indoors to reduce the impact of bromine on the body. The density of dust near the computer is hundreds of times higher than other space in the computer room. They are attached to human skin for a long time. Lead to various skin diseases. Therefore, the computer room should be kept clean and the computer should be scrubbed regularly.

More blinking
The average person blinks less than 5 times per minute to dry the eyes. When a person works on a computer, the number of blinks is only one-third of the usual, thus reducing the secretion of lubricants and enzymes in the eye. You should blink more and let your eyes rest at least once every hour.

Wear eye protection glasses
Working in front of the computer every day, the eyes are exposed to harmful blue light for a long time, which will cause damage to our eyes. We can choose our anti-blue lens to relieve the visual fatigue while filtering harmful blue light and protect our long-term office eyes.

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