The difference between presbyopia and hyperopia

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What is hyperopia?

Farsightedness: Seeing clearly from a distance, but laborious. It may be clearer, more laborious, and severely unclear.
The properties of hyperopia, like myopia and astigmatism, are refractive errors. A parallel beam is adjusted to relax the refraction of the eyeball and imaged on the retina after refraction. When the refractive power of the eyeball is insufficient or the length of its axis is insufficient Hyperopia occurs.

The target='_blank'>optical focus of this eye is behind the retina, so the image formed on the retina is blurred. In order to see distant objects clearly, the focus behind the retina must be moved to the retina by using the adjustment power. Generally, convex lenses are used for correction. Therefore, hyperopia eyes are often in an adjusted state and prone to eye fatigue.

What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia: You can't see clearly when you are close
With age, the lens in the eyes begins to harden, and the ciliary muscles also begin to relax. If the lens cannot be adjusted normally, the patient will appear to look far away and normal, and it will be blurred. So presbyopia is a phenomenon of aging of the human body.

Most people will have presbyopia in their eyes when they are 40 to 45 years old. They often feel that they can't read the small handwriting clearly. They must read the books and newspapers far away to see the handwriting.

The main difference between hyperopia and presbyopia is that hyperopia is caused by the structure of the eyeball, but only occurs in some people; presbyopia is an age-related physiological phenomenon that occurs with almost everyone with age.

In recent years, presbyopia has begun to become younger, mainly because young people often deal with electronic products, eyes are easily fatigued, visual function declines, which leads to the symptoms of "premature presbyopia", so we need to pay special attention in life With eye habits, you can also wear eye-relaxing lenses to make your eyes less tired. Our company has many spectacle lenses to relieve eye fatigue. If you need, please contact me for detailed consultation.

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