What is the status of the eyewear industry after coronavirus?

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Up to now, the epidemic situation in China has been basically controlled. Various local governments have successively introduced various measures to encourage enterprises to resume work and resume production, and eyewear companies have also started normal operations one after another. Faced with the upcoming opportunities, the eyewear industry needs to be fully prepared so as not to miss out on growth opportunities.

For the majority of eyewear companies, retaliatory consumption after the epidemic may be worth looking forward to, but we must be more vigilant about the upcoming "borderless melee era of cross-border robbery." Therefore, after the epidemic, all eyewear companies should think about how to attract customers and meet the different needs of customers, so as to share a cup of retaliatory consumption; at the same time, more consideration needs to be given to the development direction of subsequent companies and the use of The current deployment of new technologies and new methods early, reoccupies new minds of consumers, and completes new business efficiency upgrades. Can make full use of digital operation tools, based on the segmentation of user groups to track the behavior of users during the epidemic, and analyze the factors and channels that have greater influence on target users. On the one hand, it actively reaches old customers and promotes its repurchase through personalized activities; on the other hand, it strengthens the cooperation between KOLs that are consistent with the brand tone, as a marketing focus for new users. In addition to the above preparations, preparations for inventory cleaning and planning for new products should be strengthened.

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