What kind of person is suitable for frameless optical glasses?

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Frame glasses are suitable for all face types, whether you are a melon face, a round face, a square face, or an enviable goose face, you can wear a frameless.

The weight of eyewears.com/Rimless-eyewears.com/optical-frame.html target='_blank'>optical-frame.html target='_blank'>Rimless glasses is generally light, so it is suitable for all skin wear. Even if you are oily skin, because the glasses themselves are light, they are not easy to slip.

But rimless glasses are not suitable for small children, teenagers or people who like sports. These people's sports cells are more active, and it is easy to damage the glasses during exercise and running, making the rimless glasses that are lacking in support more vulnerable.
The rimless glasses are very suitable for business and elites to wear. First of all, it is not fancy in design, and the simple model makes you not go wrong in the workplace. Second, it can highlight professional temperament.

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