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For the insider, the production of a pair of glasses is not so simple. From the research and development of the lens, it has to go through market research, lens monomer raw material purchase, lens batching, primary curing, secondary curing, hardening, coating. The test can be successfully placed in the bag and in close contact with the consumer.

Nowadays, in the spectacle lens, the lightweight 1.60 refractive index lens with stylish appearance, excellent eyewears.com/optical-frame.html target='_blank'>optical characteristics, high Abbe number, and light wearing is gradually spreading all over the world. Among them, we recommend to be able to create a thinner and more Elegant glasses, the texture is stronger, and the MR lens can further enhance safety.

MRTM is a high refractive index lens material produced by Mitsui Chemicals.
Has a long history of more than 30 years,
Four brothers in the family MR-8TM, MR-7TM, MR-10TM, and MR-174TM.

1.60 refractive index product: MR-8TM
A high-refractive-index lens material with the most balanced performance index has the highest market share in the lens material market with a refractive index of 1.60.
The MR-8TM is suitable for the production of any degree of spectacle lenses and is now a new standard in ophthalmic lens materials.

1.67 refractive index products: MR-7TM and MR-10TM
The world standard for refractive index 1.67 lens materials.
Ideal for the production of lightweight lenses with superior impact resistance.
MR-7TM: Better dyeability
MR-10TM: higher heat distortion temperature

1.74 refractive index product: MR-174TM
Ultra-high refractive index lens material for the production of ultra-thin lenses.
The height glasses wearer has since bid farewell to the thick and heavy lens era.

The MRTM series of polymerizable monomers are excellent optical materials.
It uses a lower density polyurethane material.
The lenses are lighter and thinner, and they are naturally more comfortable to wear;
With good processing performance, it is easier to process and produce high-difficult lenses such as frameless, half-frame and high-bend;
Higher processing success rate increases processing efficiency and reduces processing costs;
Naturally, MRTM became the "red man" of the lens manufacturer.

In addition,
Compared to acrylic lens materials, MRTM is a tougher polyurethane material that is superior in safety.
The naughty children who love to play and move are naturally the most suitable.
Not only that,
MRTM's film compatibility and dyeing performance are also stronger than ordinary materials.
It can improve the quality of functional lenses such as color mirrors and myopia eyewears.com/sunglasses.html target='_blank'>sunglasses.
Naturally, good quality makes it easier to increase the unit price.
It will also help increase your store profits.

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