Will myopia be passed on to the next generation?

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With the development of modern living electronic products, people have greatly increased the use of eye frequency. Especially for office workers and students, facing the computer and books every day, there are more and more people who suffer from myopia caused by fatigue. So many people will start to worry, will myopia be inherited to the next generation?

It has been medically recognized that high myopia is an autosomal recessive disorder (unrelated to gender), while color blindness is a sex-linked inheritance (related to gender).

Myopia is divided into two cases: simple myopia and pathological myopia.
Acquired myopia caused by learning, reading, etc. is called simple myopia, and the probability of heropia is relatively small.

Simple myopia is generally less than 600 degrees of ordinary myopia, this type of myopia has no obvious evidence that it will be inherited, so you can rest assured;

There are some congenital factors caused by myopia, plus a higher degree (generally 600 degrees or more), accompanied by vitreous floating objects, yellow spots and other phenomena, medically known as pathological myopia. Pathological myopia can lead to an increase in the axial length of the eye, thereby increasing genetic risk.

According to the results of the population genetic survey, if both couples are highly myopic, the incidence rate of their children is above 90%; one is highly myopic, the other is normal, and the children have a morbidity rate of 10%-15%; one is highly myopic and the other is For those with normal phenotypes of myopia, the incidence of high myopia in their children is 50%; if both are carriers of myopia, but the visual acuity is normal, the incidence of high myopia in children is 25%.

Myopia is not entirely genetically determined. The burden of the eyes and the overall living environment are also obvious. For example, the distance between reading and writing, the length of time, the height of the desks and chairs, the lighting, the size of the living room, etc. The occurrence and development of myopia is related.

1, more than 1200 degrees
Generally, for patients with myopia of more than 1200 degrees, the most suitable method is to implant a high degree of ICL (implantable contact lens). Unlike laser and other corneal tissue surgery, it does not cut the cornea and is operated by minimally invasive surgery. The crystal is implanted into the eye without damage to the cornea.

2, 1200 degrees - 800 degrees
For patients with myopia of 800-1200 degrees, you can choose traditional excimer laser surgery, of course, you can also choose to do ICL implantation.

3, less than 800 degrees
If you are below 800 degrees, current medical treatments are generally recommended for corneal refractive surgery.

Before the age of 18, the frame glasses are still the best choice for myopia. It is not recommended to perform myopia surgery. Because at this stage, the body is still developing, eyeball development is also changing, coupled with the need to use a large number of eyes at close distances, the patient's refractive state is unstable, not suitable for myopia surgery, wearing glasses is the best choice.

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