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Ouhai District of Wenzhou Invested RMB 5 Billion to Build a eyewears Town and Develop Self-owned Brands

For glasses in the world, the ones in Wenzhou are the best. And for glasses in Wenzhou, the ones in Ouhai are the best. Glasses have brought vitality to the economy of Ouhai and created a glorious development history. Due to the limitation of the extensive production mode, however, the glasses industry is now faced with difficulties in transformation and development.

To this end, Ouhai District considered the situation, took measures integratedly, and proposed the intensive transformation and development strategy targeted at the glasses industry. And “Building the China (Ouhai) Glasses Town” is one of the key projects under the strategy.

The China (Ouhai) Glasses Town, located in the south of Ouhai central region, faces exit of Louqiao for the Jinhua-Lishui-Wenzhou Expressway to the north, and borders to the west exit of Wenzhou South Railway Station, with a planned area of 3.9 square kilometers in total. In which, the core area covers 1.05 square kilometers. At present, the town has gathered 155 well-known glasses enterprises such as Wenzhou Ouhai Zhongmin Glasses Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Guanhao Glasses Co., Ltd., forming an industrial system featuring foreign trade exports.

Ouhai plans to complete the investment of RMB 5 billion within three years. After five years, the town will be built into a world-leading characteristic town on glasses, making Ouhai a veritable “Glasses Town in China”. It is expected that the largest street integrated with leisure, tourism and shopping of glasses will be formed in the province by the end of this year.

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