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On the morning of October 26, the 14th Zhejiang (Wenzhou) Light Industrial Products Expo and 2018 International Fashion Consumption Expo was grandly opened at the Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The three-day expo was themed on “design and fashion”, to build a joint work platform to promote the development of the fashion industry in Zhejiang Province and even the whole country. Chen Weijun, the Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, declared its opening and the guests at home and abroad attended the opening ceremony.

The Ouhai Glasses Industry Association set up an exhibition area of 600 m² for top ten brands of China (Ouhai) Glasses Town in Hall #5 of the expo. It is also the first time that the new top ten brands participated in the expo. They have exhibited quality glasses with great unique style and charm and created a craze in the expo. As the fashionability of glasses has become more and more concerned, the “personal experience” and “ornamental decoration” have become a new trend and a starting point for its development.

After the opening ceremony, Secretary Chen and other leaders came to the exhibition area of Ouhai’s top ten glass brands and knew about the development of the Ouhai’s glasses industry. For building the Glasses Town, he said that relevant companies should seize the opportunity ideal for development, pay attention to quality, strengthen the construction of independent brands while doing a good job in exporting, and further increase the added value and influence of products

In the afternoon, the new products release show of top ten brands in China (Ouhai) Glasses Town was opened grandly! The glasses enterprises of Ouhai created exclusive and exquisite fashion lifestyle for the customers by detailed-oriented delicate glasses. Various enterprises launched different products with fashionable, modern, retro, elegant, classic or faddish styles, novel material, bold colors and novel design concepts, which have perfectly interpreted the trends of glasses. It not only added the charm of Ouhai’s glasses brands, but also showed the different divisions of various companies and greatly enhanced the influence of glasses brands of Ouhai.

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