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How often does your glasses change? Is it a few months or a few years? Even until it is used up? After investigation, most people are using lenses of resin lenses. 35% of them change a pair of glasses frame on average 1 year or less, and 35.9% change a pair of glasses on average about 2 years, 29.2% The person replaces a pair of glasses every three years or more, and 36.4% of the people change the glasses if the glasses are worn out.

The spectacle lens is actually a kind of consumer product. It is very delicate. Once the mirror surface is scratched, it will obviously affect the optical frame correction performance. It will not only improve the visual effect, but will cause a series of visual fatigue performance.

Most people use glasses as durable goods.According to eye health experts, many people wear glasses and wear them until they are broken or unable to use them. In fact, the glasses have been used for a long time, the frame will be deformed, become loose, and compress the bridge of the nose; the lens will be yellow. If there is no protection, there will be many scratches, making your glasses more invisible and visually blurred. Shape; another lens also has a lifespan.
Whether the lens of the glasses is clear or not directly affects the wearer's glasses comfort. So how do you judge the clarity of the lens? Can we see directly with the naked eye whether the color of the lens is yellow? Is there any trace? If such a lens is worn for a long time, it will lead to deepening of myopia.

When the glasses are used for a long time, the frames will be deformed and the lenses will become confused. Then the eyes will feel very tired when they look at things. When some people can't see the distant things, they will raise the glasses and look up. This is Not advisable.
Eye health experts point out that the best change time is to change every 1-1.5 years. Since most of the current glasses wearers do not know the maintenance of the glasses, they are not aware of the importance of maintenance of the eyeglass lenses. In addition to correct optometry and glasses, good eyesight also requires high-quality lens protection.
Generally, students have a higher chance of increasing myopia, because they have long overuses the problem of reading, writing, etc., so it is recommended to perform optometry on the eyes regularly, such as one year, half a year; then the adult glasses are relatively stable. The optometry can be performed once every two years; while the refractive error of the glasses of the elderly will change, it will affect the change of the degree, and still need to be diligent. Once the degree is changed, it is necessary to change the glasses in time.

Whether you wear myopia or reading glasses, you need to check regularly. If you feel uncomfortable, you need to replace them in time. People's eyesight will change with age and with changes in eye conditions. If glasses are "overdue service", it will bring a lot of harm!


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