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In the use of glasses, due to the method, method, position and force size and direction when picking, scrubbing, carrying and placing, it is easy to have different degrees of damage. If it is not repaired in time, the glasses will feel uncomfortable and unattractive when worn. If there is a problem, you must ask a professional to repair it.

Unable to repair: Serious damage, no accessories and spare parts, can not be welded, can not be plated, it can not be repaired.

Partial repair: It can be used if it is welded, but the surface coating must be peeled off and discolored. After the deformation correction, sometimes the traces are not completely eliminated, and the traces of repair (indentation, wear scars, etc.) are left.

Complete repair: such as replacing screws, wire drawing, nose pads, lenses, frames, etc. The screw is loosely tightened, and the problem of slight deformation of the frame can be completely repaired.

After repair, not only did it not be repaired, it may cause further damage to the glasses. No matter how good the technical level of the repairman is, it is impossible to avoid the possibility of repairing. Sometimes the damage from the surface is not heavy, but the hidden danger is very heavy, and it shows a serious degree in repairing: it is bad if it is repaired. In order to reduce hidden dangers, it is best to prevent the glasses from being damaged and deformed many times to prevent the glasses from being crushed and squeezed. Do not repair or ask non-professional personnel to repair them.

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