What is anti-blue glasses?

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In modern society, mobile phones, computers, and televisions are closely related to us, but they also bring us a lot of radiation. anti-blue light radiation glasses, upgraded blue-coated lens, blocking rate of about 35%, light transmittance of 95%, high-definition Comfortable, ultra-light, give your eyes more protection.

What is anti-blue glasses?Blu-ray-resistant glasses are glasses that prevent blue light from irritating the eyes. Special anti-blue glasses can effectively isolate UV and radiation and can filter blue light, suitable for use when watching a computer or TV mobile phone.

Anti-Blu-ray glasses can effectively reduce the continuous damage of blue light to the eyes. Through the contrast detection of portable spectrum analyzer, after using anti-blue light glasses, the intensity of blue light emitted by the screen of the mobile phone is effectively suppressed, and the harmful blue light is harmed to the eyes.
The anti-blue light glasses mainly reflect the harmful blue light through the surface coating of the lens, or add the anti-blue light factor through the lens substrate to absorb the harmful blue light, thereby achieving the barrier against harmful blue light and protecting the eyes.

Some customers have said that anti-Blu-ray glasses will be dizzy. After we communicate with the responsible person, the solution is to wear glasses and take off the glasses for about 10 times to effectively solve the dizziness.

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