How to choose the same refractive index and different lens materials?

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With the increasing demand of consumers for lens quality and wearing experience, lens enterprises should base themselves on the unpredictable market tide. In the strategic upgrading, the innovation of materials and science and technology is indispensable. While science and technology change the horizon, it also brings a blue sea of survival and development.

But how can we choose a pair of high refractive index lenses that really suit us?

When facing a lens with the same refractive index of 1.60,Choose MR-8 () or acrylic?

First of all, acrylic lens, because of its low toughness, when the metal ball falls on top of it, the edge is prone to cracks, but when the metal ball falls on the MR-8 * material lens, it is not damaged at all. Attention should be paid to this point, if you wear target='_blank'>optical-frame.html target='_blank'>Rimless or half-rimmed glasses, if you choose acrylic lenses, there will be a risk of lens edge gap, edge collapse, fragmentation after falling to the ground, and MR-8 # lenses with excellent toughness, there is no need to worry about this risk.

Visual quality is very important, if the imaging effect is poor, it will feel very laborious to see things, which may make the eyes more tired.

Therefore, when choosing lenses, we need to choose lenses with good visual quality, that is, lenses with high Abbe number.

Safety is also a factor to consider when purchasing lenses. MR-8 lenses and acrylic lenses look very similar in appearance, but the material structure is very different, leading to safety differences.

At the same time, when the load is concentrated on the two types of lenses, the acrylic lenses are prone to explosive rupture. MR-8''lenses did not crack. It's just that the lenses are concave and stick to the floor. When the high-heeled shoes step on the two, the acrylic lenses split instantly, while the MR-8''lenses do not.

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