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Maybe when you choose the eyeglass frame, you will often be confused by hundreds or even thousands of glasses frames displayed by the glasses company. According to your prescription, professionals who have optician optician can help you narrow down the choice, but often must The scope of the selection is still very broad. You can listen to the advice of the professional first. Don't make a final decision immediately or categorically reject the optometry. When you look at the appropriate eyeglass frame, I suggest you to The factors are included in the consideration.

1, the size of the frame
Usually if you have a higher degree, your lens will be relatively thick. In this case, generally the optometrist will recommend a smaller frame, which will reduce the high diopter, and the periphery will often appear. Fortunately, the distortions and distortions are fortunate that many of today's emerging frame designers and producers have designed and manufactured many stylish, lightweight, high-quality small frames that make the face smaller or highly myopic. Users can have many good opportunities to pick the right eyeglass frame to use. Whatever your diopter? An oversized frame will have a more pronounced distortion at the edge of the lens, and its shape will not properly match the shape of the face.

2, the shape of the frame
Try to avoid wearing a frame that is too similar to your face, so that the lines on your face are over-emphasized. Usually the shape of the face is round, goose-shaped, square, inverted triangle and gourd. For example, if you The face is square, you should choose a frame that is slightly wider than your face, which will make your face look slightly slimmer. If your face is round, the angular and square frame will help. A line that modifies your face. The shape of the face determines the shape of the frame. Look closely at your face to see where it is taller and where it is flat. When choosing a frame, you should do it according to the condition of the face. For example, a person with a very round face may not be suitable for wearing round glasses. However, you may wish to try on all kinds of frames. Maybe you can find one that surprises you. After all, in all kinds of wear, there is no more easy to try and try than glasses.

3, suitable for your skin color
Usually, people with lighter skin color should choose a frame with a lighter color. For those with a darker skin color, choose a frame with a heavier color. For example, those with a lighter skin color can choose a soft pink color, a clam shell color or gold. Silver frame, slightly darker skin color can choose red, black or clam shell color.

4, pay attention to the decorative design on the frame and frame
The place with decoration is the focus of the vision, which can subtly "shift the focus, emphasize the focus", and modify the size and width of the face. For example, the "half-frame" glasses that focus on the upper edge are the gospel of people with short faces or people who are short in the court (people to chin)! The temples with special patterns will make the face look wider.

5, set off your hairstyle
If you have bangs, the upper edge of the frame should avoid contact with your hair. If you are curly, be careful not to make the frame too close to the hair.


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