Is Blu-ray harmful?

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With the development of Internet technology, electronic products are spread all over our lives. Blu-ray is everywhere, and the penetration rate of the anti-Blu-ray market continues to grow.

What exactly is that Blu-ray?

Visible light with a wavelength of 400-500 nm, called blue light, is the most energetic light in visible light.
But not all blue light will damage the eyes, and blue light is divided into harmful blue light and beneficial blue light. Harmful blue light refers to high-energy blue light with a wavelength of 385-455 nm, and beneficial blue light is a blue light with a wavelength between 446 nm and 505 nm.

There are abundant cell layers in the retina of our eyes. These visual cells play a decisive role in distinguishing between luminosity and chromatic aberration. This harmful blue retinal epithelial cells cause great damage, and pigment epithelial cells are most apoptotic under high-energy blue light. Severe cases can affect their normal metabolism and nutrient disruption, and may even cause macular degeneration to form visual impairment.

But it can't reject all blue light. Beneficial blue light is an indispensable part of visible light. It can adjust our biological clock, regulate sleep, circadian rhythm, help pupil contraction reflex and so on.

Therefore, in order to protect your eyes and focus on eye health, we recommend to prevent high-energy blue light. The company has high-quality anti-blue light glasses, releasing negative oxygen ions around 1500-2000, anti-blue light, anti-radiation and anti-ultraviolet rays. Welcome your inquiry.

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