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As some amendments to the regulations and standards of glasses in Europe and the United States are about to take effect, the requirements on the quality of glasses in foreign markets and relevant control are becoming more stringent. To help new colleagues fully understand the latest requirements of relevant regulations on export of glasses, we have invited professionals from the Wenzhou Glasses Chamber of Commerce to train all employees and enable them to fully understand the standards of glasses and common problems that they may encounter.

The specific contents of this training are as follows:

1. Fully understand the latest international standards related to glasses.

(1) target='_blank'>sunglasses: ENISO12312-1, ANSIZ80.3, ASNZS 1067.1, etc.;

(2) Reading glasses: EN14139, ISO16034, ANSIZ80.31, etc.;

(3) Frame: ENISO12870, EN16128, etc.;

(4) Lens: ENISO8980-1, ENISO 8980-2ENISO 8980-3, etc.

2. Explain how to enable the glasses exported to the United States to meet the requirements of FDA and relevant problems.

3. Analyze the quality defects of glasses and explain how to prevent them (based on the 2014-2018 test data of Wenzhou Laboratory).

(1). Lens projects Fail summary and analysis;

(2). Spectacle frame projects Fail summary and analysis.

4. Update new standards of ISO14001 Environmental Management System and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

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