How much damage does ultraviolet light cause to the glasses?

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The World Health Organization's "UV Radiation and Human Health" published in December last year highlighted the harm of ultraviolet light to the eyes. The article points out that about 180 million people worldwide are blinded by cataracts, and 5% of them may be caused by ultraviolet radiation. Not only that, the damage of ultraviolet rays to the human eye is cumulative, and slowly forms keratitis, retinal destruction, cataracts, macular degeneration and many other serious eye diseases.

Compared to the skin, the eyes are actually more sensitive to ultraviolet light and more fragile. As the temperature continues to rise, the high-light sunshine indicates that the intensity of ultraviolet rays is increasing day by day. Everyone has put on their target='_blank'>sunglasses when they go out to protect their eyes from UV damage while adding extra points. For myopia friends, it is not so friendly. Without wearing contact lenses, myopia and sunglasses have to be switched indoors and outdoors.This is just a few scenes that are common in commuting to and from work during the day. The two pairs of glasses are constantly switching and are not tired. If you encounter a business trip or a trip, it is a battle with ultraviolet rays!

Is there any eyeglass that can effectively target ultraviolet light, so that our eyes are fully protected?of course!

Anthony David anti-Blu-ray mobile phone glasses, release negative oxygen ions around 1500-2000 anti-blue light radiation protection UV.

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